How To Use Exem Foam Kit

  1. Dilute the 5 ml ExEm® gel with the 5 ml (purified) ExEm® water by mixing the fluids from one syringe through the coupling device into the other syringe (at least 10 times). This creates a gel foam.
  2. Leave the gel foam in one syringe and disconnect the other syringe and coupling device.
  3. Connect the syringe containing the gel foam to a suitable catheter and infuse the gel foam within approximately 5 minutes. 
  4. Subsequently the Hysterosalpingo Sonography procedure can be executed. Attention: when 
    executing the Hysterosalpingo Sonography procedure use at least a 7 French catheter. 
    Storage conditions: the ExEm® Foam-kit shall be stored in a suitable room and at a temperature 
    not exceeding +25°C.
  5. Transport conditions: During transport of the ExEm® Foam-kit a temperature in the tolerance
    range between +40°C and -10°C must be maintained. However, the Products may temporarily (no
    longer than one week) be exposed to temperatures up to +40°C and -20°C.
  6. Important notice: Farco-Pharma GmbH, the manufacturer of the 10 ml syringe with purified water,
    has extended the intended use of the purified water with “dilution of gels”.
    Patents pending: NL 2003660.

Download Instructions

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