Exem Foam Kit Testimonials

“We use the Ex Em Foam Kit for all our HyCoSy examinations as well as the HyCoSy training courses. With 20 years of HyCoSy experience, it is by far the best medium available, consistently providing reliable, top quality imaging in tubal patency testing.”

Mr C Philip Harris, Consultant Gynaecologist, Clinical Lead, WWL Hewitt Fertility Partnership, Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust.

“Guy’s Hospital Assisted Conception Unit and HyCoSy training courses run by Mr Yacoub Khalaf, have been using ExEm Foam Kit since 2013. The Foam Kit provides excellent image clarity and ease of use making it the product of choice for HyCoSy examinations at Guy’s. The product is well supported in the UK by de Smit Medical.”

Angela Clough, Advanced Ultrasound Practitioner, Assisted Conception Unit, Guy’s Hospital, London.

"We performed the first HyFoSy this afternoon and were very impressed with the ease of use and clarity of picture. As we needed to report on her uterus as well, we started with a saline sonogram first, waited a few minutes for the cavity to empty then performed HyFoSy. We will certainly be ordering ExEm sets for HyFoSy in the future."

Dr Magdy A N Asaad, Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Clinical Director, London Fertility Centre, Harley Street - London Fertility Clinic

"First Class Product, virtually pain-free, wouldn't use anything else!"

Dr Rehan Salim, Consultant in Gynaecology, Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health (CRGH), London, and University College London Hospitals - www.crgh.co.uk

"In my opinion ExEm foam is quite simply the best contrast medium for HyCoSy to date (and in our unit we¹ve used just about every other over the last 10years, with experience of over 1,500 procedures)".

Stephen Killick is a retired Professor of reproductive medicine and surgery at the university of Hull and Hull York Medical School.

"ExEm Foam is a very simple yet effective contrast medium for an ultrasound based tubal patency testing. It is seen very clearly on ultrasound and is cheaper than the products I have used in the past. I will definitely be ordering and using it regularly from now on."

Dr Suruchi Arora, Associate Specialist in Maternity, with special interest in Gynaecological Scanning, The Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading

"We have tried the Ex Em Foam system and like the simplicity of mixing the contrast. It also gives us the option of examining the endometrial cavity with the same agent. The catheters are also extremely good as you do not have to pass anything through the cervix or inflate balloons. This speeds up the whole process and is much more comfortable for the patient."

Ken Read, Sonographer, Bourn Hall Clinic, Colchester.

"We've started to use ExEm foam few weeks ago and were very impressed with quality of images we were getting and ease of use. We also noticed that ExEm foam does not give any discomfort for patients. Definitely would recommend to all my colleagues."

Dr.Lyuda Shkrobot, Patient Coordination Manager
EDE Programme Manager & Head of Ultrasound, Sims International Fertility Clinic, Dublin.